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Supportive Recycling  Stay in Touch  Tel: +49 234 81050380
Professional Process and Treatment

WEEE Recycling

Electronic and electrical appliances contain valuable raw materials and precious metals such as copper, silver, gold or palladium, but also hazardous constituents that must be removed compliant and environmentally friendly.

For this reason, proper recycling of WEEE is an important and responsible task for sustainable, resource-efficient and environmentally conscious behavior. The WEEE Directive regulates the placing of electrical and electrical equipment into market and the disposal and recycling of electrical and electrical equipment.

With our long lasting and skilled experience and using state-of-the-art technologies we take on responsibility for our environment.

From collection and transportation, professional treatment and environmentally friendly depollution up to recovery of raw materials by using state-of-the-art technologies we guarantee sustainability and maximum recycling rates.

Supportive Recycling recycles a wide spectrum of electrical and electronic equipment. Professional and environmentally conscious separation and processing during the whole WEEE recycling chain allow us to obtain the highest revenue.

We recycle a wide spectrum of electrical and electronic equipments. The following provides a general idea of materials we treat and recycle:

All kind of printed circuit boards, such as computer boards, laptop boards (including treatment according  WEEELABEX/CENELEC50614), server boards, router and switch boards, circuit boards from mainframes, backplane boards, boards from mobiles, smartphones or hard discs, module cards as well as lower grade boards from TV or from powersupply units and unassembled boards.

Electronic components like integrated circuits (ICs), transistors, microprocessors, connectors and pins.

Complete devices like routers, switches, printers, decoder, receiver, laptops, computers or servers.

Hardware components from computers, laptops or servers, such as processors, ram-modules, hard discs, drivers, powersupplies or heatsinks and all types of cables and module cards.

Euqipment from radio base stations, like radio units GSM, and complete radio base stations.

We serve a wide variety of industries and business sectors with our WEEE recycling solutions, including:

  • Telecoummunications
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • Automotive
  • Recycling companies
  • Electronic repair services
  • Municipal waste disposal authorities.

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