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Supportive Recycling  Stay in Touch  Tel: +49 234 81050380

Individual Recycling Concepts

Individual Recycling Concepts from a Single Source

As a certified specialised waste management company, Supportive Recycling fulfils the highest technical and statutory environmental requirements and offers its customers complete recycling solutions for all categories of waste electrical and electronic equipment and scrap (WEEE) from single source.

From valuation of recyclables, its collection, transportation, manual dismantling, sorting and separation up to the recovery of precious metals like gold, palladium or silver.

Due to the extensive experience in treatment and recycling of WEEE we can achieve high level of homogenisation of the input material in order to increase the quality of recyclables and its value.

Further business areas and services we offer to our customers are on-site material inspection, marketing of all kind of recyclables, efficient administration work, logistic services, product-recycling, data destruction services, monitoring and documentation of all relevant business processes, refining services associated with provision of advanced and comprehensive reports and analysis.

On-Site Material Inspection

By request we offer our customers on-site inspection and evaluation of their WEEE material. Our specialised and experienced purchaser from our procurement team are able to determine the value on-site and offer the best price.

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